certification Vegan Eve

The Woomen brand

Founded in 2004, Woomen is a fresh, young and committed brand, sensitive to ecology and animal life preservation. Fashion has a big impact on our daily lives. It was important to respond to create bags that respect the animal world. All Woomen products are made without animal leather and only from natural and eco-friendly materials: linen for inside bags, cork, cotton or coated fabric are used to replace the leather or other materials of animal origin. Woomen chooses its shapes with style, and pays particular attention to its materials to create unique, responsible, feminine and accessible models. The entire production of the collection is Vegan certified by the EveVegan label. This name guarantees customers that no material of animal origin was used during its manufacture. The collections are eco-designed and do not use leather, with respect for animals and their environment. The linings of the bags are made from natural materials, and each bag comes with a reusable protective pouch.